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Broken spark plug

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I have a Ranger 3.0 litre that I changed 5 plugs in with no problem. The 6th, back plug on passengers side actually broke off at the base, threads still in the engine! I have been working and rebuilding cars for 50 years and have never had this happen. I'm sure I will have to remove the head because since it wouldn't come out normally, I have to assume the threads are practically welded in the head. Q1, any ideas on how to get it out without removing the head, Q2, since I'm not very familiar with the new Ford engines, always restored older cars, How complicated will it be to remove just that head and what pitfalls should I watch out for. Will Haynes walk it through me
enough to do the job. Thanks in advance for any help. Its my daughter-in-laws car and I'm not every bodies favorite person right now, if you get my drift!
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Model year?
Drill & Easy out,,,,, if you can get to it.
Yup, as Jim said; Drill if accessible and use the EasyOut set.. Only way to get broken heads out of such situations for almost anything. You'll most likely need to disassemble anything around the plug to make room, but you did break the head off after all so unless there's some sort of bite you can get it obviously wont be easy sailing =/.

Sears has a decently cheap kit for $7 or if you want you can spend a about a quarter more and get the Craftsman version.
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