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Calling all sho owners

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Howdy.. Im an addict.. who else here has the bug?
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Dude.. quit spamming. get a life.
I'm here, I have two SHO's, does that count as a addict?:cornut:
Yes.. haha. im 19.. i bought my first SHO 2 years ago this past febuary.. Ive now had 4 titled in my name! :)
This was before the clear corners and suspension parts were added. :)
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hey bro:yikes:!yeah i got the same bug.i have a 93 on all black leather fully loaded.i have owned only SHOs since 98.mine is pretty stock right now other than having every option available from factory.but it is a work in progress.your SHO sounds super sick .the 5 speeds are the best.i have had 4 of them and they definately were born to tear the streets up.:devil:
My 93 SHO is a 5sp car, Black with gray inside. I got it in 1998, I'm the 2nd owner. It now has 200,000+ miles on her.
The other 93 SHO is a red Automatic car with black inside, I'm also the 2nd owner of it. The PO was 78 years young when he bought it and died at 93 and I got it frong the esatate. It has 145,000 miles.
The Black was totaled by a deer, deer jumped off a hill and landed on the hood at 60mph, I rebuilt it, but have not finish paniting it.
These cars are real fun, and sense I'm 55 years old, it is alot of fun to show up the young crowd around here that have no idea what a SHO is.
Exactly.. They are a blast to mod too.. Are you guys on
I have been in the past, but not in a while.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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