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Car 1976 F250 360ci

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I am looking for a good carb for a 1976 Ford F250 with a 360 2 barrel.
The one I have works but I had to modify some gaskets and seals to work.
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since the 360 was a destroked 410, i'd look for the one on that. see also for a 390. any of the 332 series (332/352/360/361/390/406/410) should do the trick. that's a descent engine you have there, 215HP/327ft-lbs

you can also look for an intake for those sizes so you can get a matching carb in the near future
Good luck finding any 410 two barrel engines as only four barrels were produced for 410's plus it was an optional engine only vs a 390's for 66 and 67 Mercury Marauder line of vehicles. I bet 85 to 90% were 390's which ran strong back in that era vs the added cost of the 410 engine.
The 410 is basically a standard 390 block, heads and rods with shorter by 0.100" deck height pistons with a standard 428 crank having a center counterbalance weight resulting in 10.5:1 compression engine, 330 Hp, 444 Tq. Any "standard" (small port) 390 four barrel intake with four barrel carb will help, I bet 10% at best Hp gain not worth the money spent. Even after installing a "390 two barrel premium gas Ford cam". Don't forget 360's had 6.540" skinny weak long rods for that 3.500" stroke vs 6.490" rods in 390's, 406's, 410's, 427's & 428's.
BTW, you'll need the flywheel to be externally balanced or run a 410 flex plate also having an external weight welded on and not one from a 428 CJ engine as it has more weight than a 410 flex plate. A zero balanced dampener on 410's, rather queer being just the back of crank requiring external balance.
What you trying to build? Already working with a smogged out low compression 360 gas hog designed for pulling long and hard without hurting itself not alone the crappy log exhaust manifolds including the dead vacuum and mechanical advance distributor all working together producing low Hp and Tq numbers. Don't forget the lousy gas mileage, hell back in 76 gas was cheap who cared? Unleaded gas on those old heads another slow death failure called valve recession.....~~=o&o>......
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It is a 10 year old thread.
OP only posted once.

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