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Check Ignition Coil on Plug Type Coil

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How to test a coil on plug type coil
Each coil is held in place by a single bolt; take out that little bolt. Disconnect the electrical connector to the coil, and then the coil and wire. You can test the coil with a digital ohmmeter.

There are two wires inside the connector and then a larger one that goes to the plug.
test across the two small connectors for the primary windings, and then from the little one that is marked bat or B+ to the large wire that goes to the plug for the secondary windings.

Using a digital voltmeter.
The primary circuit from B+ to tach should be 0.3 - 1.0 ohms
The secondary windings (B+ to plug wire) should measure about 5.9K ohms (that is the measurement I got off of two new ones), I do not know what the acceptable range is.
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Cuda_Jim, thanks for adding that additional information! :)
If you have any corrections, additions, or pictures that you would like to add to this HowTo, please PM me, and I'll open it to give you access to it.
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