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clutch question

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Okay, not-so-hypothetical question: is there any advantage in "upgrading" from a pilot bushing to a pilot bearing? I'm replacing the clutch in my '69 Mustang and would have posted this question on the Mustang board, but there's very little action over there (you can count the total number of threads on your fingers) which could mean that I'd never get an answer and I also figure that the answer is at least somewhat universal in its truth and may be of some use to somebody on this forum. I appreciate your understanding. Thanks!
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The advantage would be minimal in the friction may last longer though.
If the crank will accept a bearing w/o machining I would go for it. My 2 cents.
^^^ what he said. Like chicken soup, it cant hurt. That said, I've seen plenty of bushings over the years go a hundred thousand miles with no problems.
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