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Coil packs (coil on plug, can they be tested?)

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I am wanting to better understand 'coil packs'. I am not getting a warning 'light' yet, but two mechanics have told me that because of the engine 'miss' I'm experiencing that I will certainly have to replace sparkplugs and to do this of course, the coil packs would have to be removed anyway, so which ever fouled plug we find I will probably have to replace that particular coil pack. That, I understand!!
Where I am at a loss, I am being told that I don't have to replace all of them but that I might as well due to the fact that that it will never be more convenient than now to do so. I have 154k miles on this vehicle ('01) but it really runs well and I want to drive it another few years. Do I necessarily need to change the other 7 coil packs if they check out ok now??? I mean, are there ways to determine that the other ones are still ok?? Thanks (Obviously, I'm not a mechanic, but I do understand saving a buck where I can)
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You need to look closely at the reason the plug fouled.If it was a coil pack you would definately have a check engine light on.Either a code P030x or P035x,x being the # of the cyl.If the coil has been compromised,ie,cracked and moisture corroded the wiring,just replace the one coil pack.The final decision is yours,COP's go anywhere from $15 on E-bay to about $100 from the dealer.If you have a CEL on,go to a parts store most have scan tools that they will read the code for you.let us know what you find.

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