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CVT Question

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I'm thinking of buying a 2007 AWD Ford Freestyle (Limited).

I've read horror stories about the CVT in these models crapping out and costing outrageous amounts to fix.

Although I've also read people saying they've reached 250k+ miles with little worries...???

Is the bad CVT issue a rarity or is it to be expected at some point on a used Freestyle ?

Thanks for any info or suggestions.

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The Freestyle or a Taurus wagon was only built in 3 model years. When Ford owned Volvo, Ford used a Volvo platform to build this model. It was replaced by Taurus X for 3 more model years and then discontinued. Only the AWD had the CVT transmission if sources are correct. All total there were only 140,000+ copies built and some of those Freestyles did not have the CVT.

That said there just isn't enough people that have a CVT to say good or bad on this website. Ford didn't build the transmission and has moved into the direction of more gears. (Ford has a 10 speed as of 2017 model year)

Sorry that more data isn't available.

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