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Day of Rest

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Oh my God,there's actually a day with no broken Escapes.The man up above has heard my prayers. But i'm sure tomorrow there will be about 50 posts.enjoy it while it lasts.
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...The man up above has heard my prayers. ...
Well, it is Good Friday....
No broken Escapes? I say it must be a great choice for a car!
Starting to feel like the Maytag repairman:(
Oh don't you worry, they will come.

I promise. Give it some time...
Just had one come back on a tow truck....

Altho it appears to be a problem for the insurance company.
I trash my "E" off-road and it is as strong as ever. Short little rallys. I did put a sweet suspension in it though. that may have something to do with it staying in one piece. Speaking of which i have a question regarding coil spring spacer lifts. . do you guys know of a decent brand that makes a universal that I can mod up to the "E"
Rancho has a spacer that sits on top of the spring that will raise u up a bot 1.5".What are you running for suspension?

Right now I am running RS 9000 in the rear. I cut a set of Willy's brackets off a 49 and replaced the Ford rear brackets and spacers with the willys. The front is currently sitting on a heavy duty 1.25" coil spring lift from Canuck Motorsports. I am currently waiting for a set of Carrera custom struts that are valved the the Rancho 5K specs. I've been using Rancho 5K since I can remember..Never had a single speed T-case before the "E" Real surprised at the light weight and ability to keep up in the club I'm in. Granted they do have to winch me out of spots since I've become over-confident of the single speed T but it's worth every pull and cost of the suspension upgrade..
Thanks for that info.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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