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e150 temperature and gas problems

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hi, i have a ford e150 1990 6cil 4.9l, and the problems is that the front panel, and another things are start to fail,first the temperature gauge dont work and i install one external but is in farenheit, i want to know the normal temperature in farenheit because the original is like 1/4-1/2-3/4-high,and the new one is from 110f to 240f.... and the other thing is that the gasoline sender unit is broken and i want to know how much capacity in gallons is the tank, because i am new with this van and i put about $10.00 daily on it,i never let to go without gas.just to make sure about how many miles i can drive with the full tank..thanks for everything :frown5:
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If you are having problems with your radiator (panel), overheating may be the result. It is common to need some work on the radiator if it is 20years old. Also the thermostat must open to allow water/coolant to flow. Usually the thermostat will open at 185F or 195F, and you should see that on your temperature gauge.

Some Econoline vans have 2 gas tanks. The capacity of gas tanks may also be different based on wheel base. Why not just fill it up to find out how much it holds?

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e 150 temperature and gas problems

hi ,thanks, the radiator and everithing in new,but i install a 160f thermostat on it to stay more cooler here in pr.yes i notice that in the 195f to 200f the gauge drops to 180f. i just want to make sure everithing is normal..i did some reserch an i find that the front tank is 18 gal and the back one is 22 gal......thanks for everithing
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