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Now that every sub-system is hooked up and fresh fuel/oil/coolant is added, you’re ready to break in the engine. Right now you should check for one thing in your car: AN OIL PRESSURE GAUGE. If you do not have one in your car I highly recommend you get one installed right now, before you even crank the engine over. If you do have one, proceed with the break-in.

Crank the engine over until it starts. Where do your eyes go? RIGHT TO THE OIL PRESSURE GAUGE!!! If you do not see ADEQUATE oil pressure within ten seconds of the engine starting, SHUT THE ENIGNE OFF!!!! Do not start the engine again until the source of the oil pressure loss has been traced and fixed. It may mean pulling the motor apart again, but at least you won’t have to buy and ENTIRELY new engine when your internals seize together. If the oil pressure rises to normal levels right away, let the engine idle and come up to its normal operating temperature. Keep an eye on the oil pressure and let the engine run for about fifteen minute after the operating temperature is reached. Check that everything is operational, no CEL codes appear, and no leaks are present. Operate the throttle at the TB VERY slightly just to vary the rpms a tiny bit. After fifteen minutes shut off the engine and do an oil/filter change. Do the same process again and end it with another oil/filter change. This process flushes out the engine of any contaminants, the WD-40 and prelube you used, and internal part break-in material. Now the car is ready to drive.

Here are a few things to remember while driving during the next 3K miles:

Do not accelerate hard or free-rev the engine.
Do not lug the engine at really low RPMS.
Avoid sustained high-speed use.
Keep an eye on oil pressure and level

The engine will be using oil for awhile, as the parts need to do so in order to break themselves in to each other. After 1500 miles, do another oil/filter change. After that you can resume the normal 3K mile interval for oil changes. When you do the first 3K mile interval oil change, change out the spark plugs to new ones. A new engine sometimes fouls out its first set of spark plugs because of oil consumption during break-in. After that, you’re set to do whatever

Engine Rebuild Tutorial Links:

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