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Erratic idle ...

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I have a '93 Tempo 2.3L w/AT. My problem is that the idle wanders and changes erratically. Sometimes it will be fast and others it will go down below what I would call base idle causing it to "buck". We have cleaned the throttle body and replaced one of the missing bushings in the linkage. If the "base" idle is set at the dealership (some secret process) it seems to be OK for a while but then eventually goes back to it's old habits. HELP !!!!
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how many miles since the last time the O2 sensor was changed?
check for vacuum leaks
No codes and no obvious vacuum leaks. Never checked the O2 sensor - yet.
More likely IAC than O2 sensor IMO
If i remember correctly it is a cfi system with a stepper solenoid to control idle speed. When you cycle the key it was supposed to full extend,fully retract and then go to the idle position.
I would make sure it gets to the idle position consistently,when it starts to act up visually check the stepper motor and linkage and see what is going on.(Is the stepper motor and linkage moving?)
If you disconnect it it should stay in the position it was disconnected.
Had an '89 for 22 years. I'm with the guys who say IAC.
Classic symptoms at red light, Idle fluctuates widely 3 - 4 times then it dies.. Will usually fire right back up.
Pretty old post, but
Anyhow.... for what it's worth.
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