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Escape timing belt

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Hi all-

I have a 2001 Escape 4 cylinder with manual tranny & 119k.

After a hard run today towing a trailer load of junk to the dump, I parked the vehicle and turned it off. Returning later, I could not get the car to start -- and this is a vehicle which instantly starts always.

After a bit of trouble shooting I began to suspect that the timing belt may have died a few miles before it was supposed to. I removed the top screws from the timing belt cover to inspect it. The top of the belt appears ok, and pressing it with my finger results in about 1/2" of movement. At first glance it does not appear broken.

I marked the belt with a sharpie and then cranked the engine. When I looked again, the mark had not moved. I had my son crank it while I watched & the timing belt did not move while he was cranking.

Am I correct in believing that the timing belt should have moved while cranking & thus must have snapped below the level I can see? Per the sticky in this forum, I know the engine is a non-interference engine -- so I am in for a replacement but not a trashed engine.

Also - can anyone suggest what else besides the belt I should be replacing while I am in there? If I'm taking it apart, I might as well perform all the necessary services.


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Welcome to the group,but wish it was under better circumstances.It definately sounds like you tore a few teeth off the belt by the crank pully.It's not a hard job to do.What I would change besides the belt are the water pump and the cam and crank seals.If you need any more support just holla.
Thanks -- I'll add those to the list of parts.

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