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f150 or f250

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Just this last week I bought a f250 at least that is what it said. But after I got it home I checked the vin number and it said that it was a f150. So I checked the dealer and got a parts list for that vin number but none of the parts were what they were supposed to be. So I'm wondering if this truck is a f150 or f250. The tire are 8 lug like the f250's have. So if anybody has any ideas let me know thanks. The body looks like a f250. Also it has the 5.8 motor instead of the 5.0 motor.

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What year? What engine?
If this is a 1997 or 1998 (can't remember), there were 2 different F250's, the Triton engine was introduced along with a New Body Style.
the truck vin number says that it is a 1995 f150 4x4 gas with the 5.0 I think the 302 motor. But the truck has the 5.8 351 motor in it. The logo on the fenders say that it is an f250. The truck is a 4x4 5 speed.
You have the old body style but it sounds like someone cut up a couple trucks into one. F150's don't have 8 lug wheels.
BTW: If it was advertised as an F250 and it turns out to be an F150 you may have a fraud case against the seller.
Yup, you got an F250 chassis with an F150 cab. Or it is possible that the F250 was a complete running truck with no papers and the seller had a cab with a title and swapped vin tags. Either way, you may have got hosed. Unless it runs good, then just go with it and order your parts for an F250.
The truck odometer says that it only has 80,000 miles. The truck runs like it only has that many miles. The truck seems like it is a good truck. At least it runs good. The old owner said that he didn't know that it was an f150. He said that he was willing to work with me on the title and stuff like that. He said that his registration said that it was an f250. that is also what I thought that I saw when I looked at his registration. So it is kinda confusing.

Well, if he's willing to work with you on that, he likely didn't know either. Not sure if the factory would have screwed up like that but anythings possible
I checked the truck out on carfax and it said that about 7 years ago it got crashed so I'm wondering did it get a hole new frame at that time. The old owner said that he is going to call his budy that he bought it from and ask him what he thought, or what he knew about it.
My guess is you got a new frame under the cab. Seems like that much work/cost would have totaled the truck IMHO
JD1, you are holding all the aces. What did the PO say he would do for you? Money back or just help you hang someone else for this.

The registration will only say the body style that was written on the application for title (150 vs 250). What does the title say?...the VIN has the last word on this.

I hope you got a good deal since this truck is a combination of 2 trucks. The reliability of the truck parallels the expertise of the one doing the work....could be good, could be a nightmare. Good luck and keep us posted.

The truck is what I was looking for, so I'm going to keep the truck. I'm just wondering what really is the deal with the truck. The truck looks like an f250 so we think that it could have just had the cab replaced. Like somebody had a f150 cab but just had the frame for a f250 so the just joined them. Or somebody could have pealed off the vin number on a different f150 and stuck it on this truck. What do you guys think about that being a posibility. All the vin number line up, like the title and the number on the door and also on the dash. The old owner said that it was bugging him not knowing what it was that is why he said that he would call his body and find out more about the truck.

By the way do you have to pay tonnage on f150.
With out seeing the truck or knowing the history you may just have to match parts when you buy them. Your Carfax clearly shows damage and your seller seems to know it too.

Good luck and dont get into any accidents cause I doubt the insurance company will pay out on a pieced together Truck or even insure it since it is 2 different vehicles.
By the way do you have to pay tonnage on f150.
That will depend on what state you live in.
Thinking out loud here, but isn't there a VIN also stamped on the frame of the vehicle and at the back firewall?

I'm not sure if there is a vin number there I haven't checked yet. Where do you think it would be if it has more vin numbers.

thanks johndeere1
These are common locations for the VIN:
Firewall of the vehicle
Radiator Support Bracket
Dash by windshield
Left hand inner wheel arch
Steering column
Guarantee & Maintenance Book
Machined Pad on front of engine
Drivers door or post on passenger side

Here's a picture I found/stole off the 'net. It could be in the same location IDK.
You can see it's not going to be easy to find them.

Auto part

Here's another:

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Metal
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I would assume if the frame VIN does not match the Vehicle VIN you may have an illegal Vehicle depending on your states law. Also I would run a VIN check on the frame if it is different to make sure it isnt stolen.
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