I have one of the illusive Ford Durangos( think small El Camino look alike that was to replace the Ranchero). Less than 100 were actually built in prototype format and likely half that number survive today) In the course of restoration, I have replaced a sun baked dash cap with an exact reporoduction that I was able to paint for a color match. All upholstery done with near original plaid. Still remailing is the ailing "plastic" trim bits of cockpit panels and door and seat bealt surrounds. Wondering if anyone knows of a company that recreates these bits. These prototypes were constructed on the Fairmont Futura Coupe platform so that from the B pillar back was an El Camino/Ranchero bed made of fiberglass for the prototypes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.... I am awaiting parts to finish a retrofit modern AC and them polishing bumpers will complete it for a great driver. Would love to replaced cracked, broken and missing trim bits.