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why do they call it the flex? the chassis doesn't twist, the doors stay aligned when cornering... it doesn't flex and flop around when to jump up and down on the rear bumper repeatedly...:confused:
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why do they call it the flex? :confused:
Hummmm da'ya think it had anything to do with the "F" word phase Ford went through????

Sorry Robdog, that just doesn't look right does it, perhaps that's why Ford rethought that one too..... :rolleyes:
I test drove the 2010 flex with the ecoboost engine 355hp, 3.5 liter Turbo, and it moves fast. A little pricey as new, hoping to wait 2-3 years to buy a used one. Probably called flex due to it being flexible in usage as it can serve as a minivan, people hauler, tow upto 4500 and has an AWD just like SUVs. Being almost 5000 lbs it goes from 0-60 in 7 seconds and is much more fuel efficient and powerful than most small V8's out there in trucks or SUVs.
that i can see
I looked at them as well but decided to go with the Edge because of the price. I am just glad I leased the Edge since the Tranny almost went out.

Will probably get another Edge in a couple years. Hopefully they have a hybrid version by that point.
or ecoboost
I guess ecoboost is a marketing thing. I know that the engine has great Turbo boost....
:confused: I'm presently using a 2001 Honda Odyssey for daily driver. I've had it since new and now have about 160K on it. I've begun to look for a possiblle replacement. I really like the LOOK of the Flex though I've not driven one. Another Honda isn't an option since our dealer dried up and blew away. We have 2 excellent Ford dealers nearby, and a Toyota as well. So it looks like if I had to make a choice tomorrow, it would be between a Sierra Van and a Flex. Any comments? :confused5:
co-designed by funk master flex or whatever he calls himself
google funkmaster flex + Ford

I cant copy and paste a link for some reason
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