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SO… Unsurprisingly, the power assist to the steering in my ‘09 Escape Hybrid Limited died. My mechanic, who is great and VERY resourceful, spent two weeks attempting to find the parts, new or used, and failed. He said the part hasn’t been made for years, and the problem is so common, the used supply is dry.

Before anybody says it… I am NOT included in the recall for this problem. Right year, right fault, wrong factory.

The Ford dealer had my car for four days, came back to say the part (steering column) is not available, and if/when it becomes available, the repair will be $3,300.

I have read some of the many threads on this. I am a reasonably capable shade tree mechanic, but based on the stories I have read and the high failure rate, I’m loath to attempt it. Besides, I’d have to buy the used part with no way of knowing whether it came out of a car with the same problem.

I paid $6500 for the car 7 months ago, and am looking at losing most of that. Nobody’s gonna buy it without working steering. A junkyard will offer me 1K at best, even though the engine and hybrid battery are worth four times that. I am at my wits end.

Any ideas?

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Welcome to the FFO!

I am not the most versed on the issue.
Column replacement would be the easiest if a column were available. And that comes with a higher price as you have already discovered. I think many have gone this path versus a repair.

If it were me I would get a shop manual and any other publications on the system and dig in. Pretty sure the shop manual will have a step by step diagnosis. And Ford almost never recommends replacing an entire assembly. My thought would be there is some part in the system that is not functioning correctly, broken or synced up to the electronics of the system.
Torque sensor
Electrica connection
Or ????
But blindly replacing parts in hopes of correcting the condition could be as expensive as column replacement. And I believe the Ford dealership has come to the conclusion to just replace the column versus diagnosing. The system is no longer used and has been out of service for about ten years. Which means many technicians have never worked on the system. If someone HAS to learn about system operation. I am not about to pay for a technicians education. I will educate myself for free and take the chance on repairing. You said I am a reasonably capable shade tree mechanic. You might have to put this to the test or become better than reasonable.

My daughter is driving in a 2010 Fusion with 120,000 miles with the electric assist steering. So far no issues. I say a little prayer each oil chnage to the power steering system to not be a problem. I do not really want to know how to repair it.

Sorry I am not that much of a help for this

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