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Freestar 3rd row seat latch striker corrosion repair

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Here is the overview of the 3rd seat repair attachment that has full details and pictures of the service procedure. If your seat is loose, this may be the problem.You can have them inspected to see if it applies to your vehicle.

In some of the affected vehicles that are operated in high corrosion areas for an extended period, the sheet
metal that supports the folding 3rd row seat latch strikers could experience corrosion and may compromise
the mounting point for the forward portion of the 3rd row seat. Initially, this condition may result in seat
movement when passengers sit on or put weight on the seat, or difficulty latching the front of the seat when
in its seating position. If corrosion is severe, the seat latch strikers may become detached from the
vehicle. The seat belts and the permanent mounting attachment at the rear of the seat are unaffected.
Dealers are to install new 3rd row seat latch striker mounting brackets which will re-locate the seat latch
strikers away from the potentially corroded area. In addition, dealers are to install overlay panels in the
exterior of the wheel wells to prevent the entry of water and corrosive elements.

See 3rd Row Seat Latch
Striker Corrosion Repair Kit components (below). This service must be performed on all affected vehicles
at no charge to the vehicle owner.

Rust example under the plastic interior.


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We got our recall notice a week or so ago.

Is that last picture from your Freestar?
I have not received a recall letter. The picture is not of my Freestar, just an example. Look thru the service procedure file and the photo is there.

When I checked my interior wheel well, it looks like new in there. Not sure if I just got lucky, or the previous paint sealing I put underneath worked.
Glad to hear that wasn't yours.
Just had mine done. The dealership was a bit ticked that I waited so long since the latch had broken (rusted) away since I was first notified about the recall but they did a fantastic job! The wheel wells look like new and I was very satisfied with the work they did. In my humble opinion the 3.1 hours Ford pays the dealership for the repair is ridiculously low!
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When the dealer carried out this recall it cut off power to the RHS electric door on my '04 Freestar. The service rep called it a coincidence. I call it incompetence. I think that when they went into the wheel well they disconnected a line to the door motor. Does anyone out there know if there's wiring near the rear wheel well?
I was half-right: they didn't disconnect any wiring. What happened was the tech put a screw into the wiring to the door motor. What's surprising is that they did not cover it up, unlike another dealer I was using. So I'm impressed with their honesty.
I just bought my freestar knowing it had the recall needing to be done. I took it in and from the one day the dealer said it would take. They had it four days. With no rental car or loaner car extended to us. Customer service from ford didn't help us one bit. I'm a huge Ford fan, but this experience has me doubting my allegance to buying another Ford. Here are some pictures of how bad mine was rusted. Mind you this was after the tech had removed metal to make room for the repair patch.


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For a safety recall, the answer is yes.
Car manufacturers are compelled to complete all outstanding safety recalls no matter how old the vehicle or how many miles.

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