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$200 OBO This is a 4bbl, 750cfm, electric choke, vacuum secondary Holley 4160 carb with Ford kickdown. I've had it on my Galaxie for a year and rebuilt it about 2 months ago. I replaced it with a Demon carb last month and the Holley has been in its box since. It was in perfect running condition when I swapped it out. I guarantee that it is leak free, mechanically sound and not damaged. It will need to be tuned to run with your engine.

Originally cost $290∂=HLY-0-80508S&N=700+400178+4294908331+115&autoview=sku

Also including a new (in box) vac secondary quick change spring kit
Holley 20-59 - Holley Vacuum Secondary Carburetor Accessories - Overview -

And the dual feed fuel line comes with it as well.

$200 OBO, FREE SHIPPING in lower 48

Cell- 850-362-8828
E-mail- [email protected]
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