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Gas Saver Chip?

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I'm loving my 2006 Explorer except for the in town mileage, so I bought a Gas Saver chip from a company called RS4. I haven't installed it yet because I can't determine which two wires from the MAF sensor are for the IAT sensor. I've seen other posts that recommend that I send it back or throw it out. Why? Can it or will it damage my engine? If so, how? Or can it actually work? I understand that it tricks the computer into thinking that the engine is actually hotter/colder and then tells the injectors to work differently. Is that correct? Sorry, this is getting wordy. The RS4 website has testimonials and lots of info. They claim to have better chips than the 'older' types. Any help/advice?
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Welcome, I see you made it from the "dieing Site".
My answer is still the same though.
Anything you attach to sensors will send lies to the PCM, this can and does damage engines under the right conditions. The best way to modify the way your engine operates is to re-write the info in the PCM...not lie to it.
The "Chip" you refer to is nothing more than a 10 cent resistor inline with the IAT signal to the PCM. The lie from the IAT tells the PCM it's hotter/colder than the ambient air temperature. This lie can lean out the injectors (better mileage) to the point of piston failure under the right circumstances. It will also make the combustion temperatures high enough to melt your catalytic converter...big $$.

Caveat Emptor
The people that want your money will say anything to get it, even lie or not tell the whole story. The testimonials on their web site is nothing more than advertising for their product, no telling who wrote them.

Here's the Connector face pinouts:


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Cuda JIm's right, the only thing that part can do it cause you trouble when you least expect it. It may save you a couple of bucks on gas, but when the cat melts down, and it costs you $800 to fix it, that's a lot of gas. Not to mention that it will cause it to fail emission tests and could turn on your check engine light.
Yep they are all scam chips. Real chips will piggy back the computer or require a computer retune like the line Superchips tuners out in todays market.

Throw it in the garbage.
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