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Hello one and all!

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Just thought i would pop in and say 'Hi!'. :)

I am a full sized Ford van enthusiast and have driven them since they were new back in the mid 70's. ( I think i have had 5 of the things.) I tend to own them until the wheels fall off and then find another one to rejuvenate and keep on the road. :ihih:

My current van is an '86 E150 conversion van with all the bells and whistles. I found it for sale by the side of the road in a podunk town out in the middle of nowhere for $500. All I had to repair at the time (6months ago) was the batter and the muffler.
Inside it was in great shape (with all the poerks including the fold-down bed and original removable twin tables and captain's chairs.) Quite a find.

As I have become disabled, i can no longer turn many wrneches, but I still love to know how to do/repair things.

Anyhow, greetings!:yesnod:
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There's always stuff to learn~!
Enjoy your stay :)
Hello, Welcome..
Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.:smilewinkgrin:

You will probably see me poking around the forum for the next few days, getting up to speed. It looks like they've done a REALLY good job setting everything up. I expect I will learn a LOT. :aureola:
Welcome! Got a 1985 Club Wagon XLT over little thing!
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