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Hello everyone. I am new to the site, and the proud owner of a 1989 Ford-Intervec Falcon Class B motorhome, built on the Econoline E-250 Super Duty chassis.

She's a great tough beast of a vehicle who is old enough to drink and vote now, and really hasn't given me any problems up until recently, so I hope to find some answers for some issues I am having with her right now.

I use her for work/living quarters when I am on the road, and she has proven to be more than a match for long-distance travel, which is amazing considering her age and the fact that she carries almost 9000lbs with only a 5.8l 351 Windsor drive train. I've had her for over a year now, and have made four 2000 mile trips and two 1000 mile trips with her and while she isn't going to set any speed or gas mileage records, she just seems to love getting out on the road and rolling along all day and night.

I have developed some intermittent electrical problems in the last month or so, and I hope to find some solutions on this site. I have posted in the Electrical section under "Sticking Solenoid" so if you see the post and have any ideas about what might be causing the big girl to act up, I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from folks, especially the one's who own Class B Intervecs built on Ford chassis. The old girl has a lot of life left in her, and I want to keep her that way.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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