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About a half a year ago I bought a cheap Mustang. Aside from needing a new clutch and maybe some mounts, it's pretty solid. Engine is healthy trannys not too bad, in other words a good car. A big problem though is the radio. It was missing one and had a little coin pocket thing in the other spot. Mustangs from this year had a cassette and CD player. The guy I bought it from had a aftermarket stereo in the trunk floating around. So I went out of my way to purchase original ones from ebay, but didn't put them in or anything. And I kinda focused on the big stuff so I got a new clutch, put that in. So eventually I started looking for harnesses for a Mustang online. None of them fit. So I watch a video and the guy has a different connection in the back part. It's missing a little thing, so I think maybe it broke. But I double check and apparently windstar cassette player look like the one I have

(Cassette player)

So: I'm just wondering whats going on. Can this fit with some wires? Do I need a different piece. I mean Electronics ARE NOT my thing so I have no clue. Please help

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Welcome to the FFO!

Hard to know what "missing a little thing" means?
And what does "had a little coin pocket thing in the other spot" mean? What spot?
May be post some pictures.

What does the connector in your car look like? (Post a pic)
Will the radio fit the opening?
Did your Mustang come with a radio when it was built?

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