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Front Brakes Parts List
Calipers with caliper brackets and caliper bolts
brake Pads
brake lines with banjo bolts
brake line adapter to connect passenger sn95 brake line to fox hard line (see below)
spacer to put over the balljoint when tightening castle nut for spindle down onto ball joint (see below)

Front Calipers/Spindles/balljoints
99-04 dual piston PBR calipers are better than 94-98 Calipers. If using 94-95 spindles, grinding/modification will need to be performed on the spindle to use PBR calipers with 94-95 spindles. 99-04 Calipers will bolt to a 96-98 spindle without modification, but these spindles will push your wheels out further.

All 94-98 v6/GT calipers are the same. All 99-04 v6/GT calipers are the same. All calipers from 94-04 can be used on a fox body with SN95 spindles.

96-98 spindles push your front wheels out further than 94-95 spindles. Are 99-04 front spindles the same as 96-98 spindles? Can anyone provide dimensions and how much the different spindles push the wheels out?

If using fox balljoints, with SN-95 spindles there's a spacer required for to properly tighten the castle nut onto the lower ball joint (.330" tall, 5/8" inside dia & 1.5" outside dia.), if using the SN-95 balljoint you're fine. (SleeperGT)

Front Brake Lines
SN95 front lines and banjo bolts are needed. You will need a weatherhead fitting (or other brand fitting) to connect the SN95 passenger front line to the fox body hard line.

Here's the brass fitting brand (1), part number(2) and size(3).
1. Brass-Tite!
2. 43303
3. 1/4" female tube to 3/16" male tube "inverted flare"
This will allow the user to make the stock SN95 passenger side rubber hose fit the 79-93 passenger side hard line. (silver85)

"All arms from 79-93 (except SVO) are a direct swap. The FRPP arms are the same as the 87-93 arms for the 5.0 cars with low friction ball joints as well as a gusset welded to them. The 94-95 arms are the same as the 87-88 Thunderbird Turbocoupe arms and are 3/4" longer than the 79-93 arms." (Travis T)

Rear End SN95 Brakes Parts List
94-98 V6 or GT or Cobra axles, they are all the same
Dust Shields and bolts to hold them on
2 Caliper brackets
2 anti-moan brackets
brake pads
94-95 GT axle hard lines (for direct fit swap)
94-95 GT soft lines (for direct fit swap)
2 FRPP e-brake cables (part number M-2809-A). Two are required. These connect to your stock center e-brake cable. 86 and older cars came with an adjustable center e-brake cable, 87-93 Mustangs did not.

Rear Calipers/Brackets
All 94-04 V6, GT, and Cobra rear calipers are all the same. 94-04 V6/GT rear rotors, pads, and caliper brackets are exactly the same. The difference with the Cobra brakes is a larger rotor, thinner brake pads, and a different caliper bracket that will position the v6/GT caliper over the larger rotor.

Rear Brake Lines
For an OEM fit/finish, 94-95 GT axle hard lines are the perfect size for a fox body rear disc conversion. No bending, cutting, or flaring is needed when you use 94-95 rear hard lines. 94-95 GT rear soft lines should be used and can be purchased brand new from Napa for about 15 dollars per side.

You can use your stock fox body rear hard lines, but they are too long and will need to be bent out of the way, or cut and reflared.

94-95 V6 rear hard lines, 96-98 v6/gt rear hard lines are not the same as 94-95 GT hard lines and require some modification to be used.

Proportioning valve
SN95 V6/GT master cylinder
Gut the stock prop valve and replace the end cap on the proportioning valve with the FRPP end Cap(part number M-2450-A) and purchase a Wilwood or summit adjustable proportioning valve.

Master Cylinder
To keep things easy, you can use any SN95 V6/GT master cylinder. (Other master cylinders can be used.)

Brake Booster
larger brake booster from a 94-95 V8 or V6 or a 96-98 V6 or a 93 Cobra.
It is impossible to install a larger brake booster into an 86 and older fox body without massaging the strut tower. Do not beat the strut tower with a sledge hammer. Proper massaging procedures should be used to avoid damaging the structural integrity of the strut tower. Improper massaging techniques will produce negative results and can lead to the sheet metal cracking.

The SN95 brake boosters have a stud pattern that makes it difficult to install the booster onto a pre-87 Fox body. It's not impossible, but it is significantly more difficult. You will need to massage the strut tower and significantly elongate the brake booster holes in the firewall.

You can purchase a remanufactured 93 Cobra brake booster from a carparts store like Kragen. The manufacturer is Cardone. This brake booster is the same size as the SN95 brake booster but retains the fox body brake booster stud pattern. You will need to massage your strut tower. You may need to elongate the holes in the firewall slightly, depending on how much your clearance your strut tower.

Not required but recommended
Rebuild your stock a-arms -
Moog replacement balljoints for an SN95 or Steeda X2 balljoints
Replacement a-arm bushings or energy suspension a-arm bushings
Purchase FRPP replacement a-arms - keep in mind these are longer than stock fox body a-arms and will push your wheels out further.

5-Lug rear drum brakes
You will need axles from the following vehicles
2 passenger side aerostar axles
driver side Bronco II? (which years and sides?)
driver side ranger axles? (which years and sides?)
Aerostar drums are 10 inch. If you want to upgrade to 10 inch rear drums, snag the aerostar drums and backing plates as well. Otherwise, you will need 9 inch 5 lug rear drums from the above year Bronco II or Ranger

(info from 4eyedforums) Thanks 4eyedforums

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