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Hey there. long time listener, first time caller.
- It's my girlfriend and mine's anniversary, and i decided to go to the movie store to rent one of those dirty movies from the "back room".

-that's nice caller....

- Here's my problem Mr. Obvious... when i put the tape in the VCR all i got was that snow. so I went to the store and got another copy, and wouldn't you know it? the second one was just like that too. so i tried again, and the same thing Mr. O.

-i'd ask to talk to the owner about the problem.

- I did that too, and he apologized about it and gave me yet another copy of the same movie.

-well i think i can help make sure nobody rents that movie from there. now what is the name of the movie?

- I'm kinda embarrassed to say it Mr. O...

-nonsense caller. It is completely anonymous...

- Well it's called "Head Cleaner"...

- Caller! that isn't a dirty movie! It's used to clean the dirty heads on your VCR!

-so, it's not a dirty movie?

- NO!!

-Hmm, i never made the connection. Thanks Mr. Obvious, you're a real life saver...
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haha. what's up jonzo? glad to see you're here.
Hey Jonzo welcome to the new site.
workin on turning my 79 fairmont into a 78 with the clear directionals...
workin on turning my 79 fairmont into a 78 with the clear directionals...
ooh yeah. i've been lookin' for clears for mine, too!
Now that was a good joke, welcome to the site!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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