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HID Headlights / 2002 Escape

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Has anyone experienced any adverse results from converting to HID headlights?
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Nope, not at all. I converted my 66 Galaxie to HID and have nothing but good things to say. HID technology uses less power than old filament bulbs and lasts longer. Light quality is far superior. You can choose what light spectrum you like best. I have 6K which is the whitest HID. Very simple to install; bulbs-ballasts-wiring harness and you're ready to go.
put hid kit 10,000k on my wife's 02 escape she love's it will never go back to stock light's... lol

well i have hid kits on my truck, wife's escape and my 2006 GSXR 600
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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