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So we were at a fuel station the other week and this rolled in. I had a laugh at this and I just had to take some pictures. Don't get me wrong, this could easily have killed someone if the gas shocks in the Crown Vics bumper let go. o_O






Agh only in New Mexico :eek:

I sent these pics to my friends and had some varied comments from why isn't that SN95 Mustang in the junkyard to another friend that's a retired state police officer saying that's headed for Mexico as a drug runner car. If the towed car breaks free they'll bolt to the border (It sounds like this is a common theme here). I mean there are no safety chains and the ball is just screwed into the steel (barely) bumper on the Vic which is only held on by the pistons on the gas impact shocks.

If anything you always have to be vigil about the person around you on the road... <sigh> If that bumper pulls out of the Vic, it's a scary thought traveling down I-40 (speed limit 75) at night and seeing a that Mustang coming at you with a mind of it's own with no lights dragging a Crown Vic bumper.

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Looks like there are safety chains on the Mustang! Looks good to me. ;):D

Yeah there is a mentality over there. Not to be prejudice, some of that is in No AZ from the res. Just sayin' if you don't want to take the effort to do it right, that gene may come out of the pool.

I would have lived to listen to the conversation before the start. "Hey, we gotta take that Mustang to xxxx. How we gonna do that? Anyone got any ideas?"

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