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A few weeks ago, the power steering sensor (steering wheel position sensor) began acting up. It began with the "phantom" shake, and the progressively got worse as time went on, until the electric power steering would only occasionally work and often shut off while driving.

I did many hours of research and it seemed that the only fix for this was to replace the entire steering column (many having reported a $1500 dealership repair). That was, until I found the Dorman replacement sensor which reduced the price of this repair to $155.

I was unable to find any How-To's on this, So I dove into it myself and thought I would post one here.

The part number is Dorman 905-524. Purchased new on ebay for $154.60. Total time to complete: 1 hour. You will notice some extra wires in my photos due to my remote starter.

You will need:
A Basic Socket Set.
A Torx Bit Socket (I forget the size, just buy a set).
A set of large snap ring pliers
A flat head screwdriver
The replacement sensor
A steering wheel puller (free tool rental at autozone)

Dorman How to manual:

1. Disconnect the negative lead on your battery. You will be playing with airbag components, so I suggest giving it 15 minutes before moving forward from here.

2. Remove the steering wheel shroud. This is the plastic part behind your steering wheel. There are three bolts on the bottom.

3. Remove the plastic kick cover - Pry from the top and it will flip down.

4. Remove the metal kick plate - 4 bolts - one on each side.

5. Disconnect and remove the airbag. This is a complicated procedure and took me the longest. Use a 3mm (factory recommended) or similar tool and insert it into the hole in the bottom of the wheel. Push straight up. Hard. It will move a spring up and release the airbag. Pry on the bottom of the airbag with your fingers and it should release. If you have trouble with this, I strongly recommend watching the following youtube video which explains this well (wait till the end bit where he figures it out):

6. Unplug the rear connections from the airbag and put it somewhere.

7. Unbolt the steering wheel. Using an airbag removal tool (free rental at autozone), remove the steering wheel.

8. Mark the clockspring for alignment. I notched it in two spots to make sure I had it all correct. Then, remove the entire assembly. There is one screw on the top, one on the right side facing you, and one on the bottom. Pull straight towards you and it will come off.

9. Unbolt the top section of the steering column. There are two torx bolt holding it in.
Pull straight back on it to remove it and then put it somewhere.

10. Using a set of snapring pliers, remove the snap ring.

11. Remove the shroud from around the steering column. At this point ,you will have exposed the sensor in question.

12. Remove the inner circlip from inside the sensor. (Dorman PDF linked above does abetter job explaining this w/ a photo.

13. Unplug the sensor. Now, Using your fingers or a screwdriver on one side, gently pry the sensor towards you.

14. Now, its time to put the new part and in reassemble. Insert the new sensor where the old one was. Using your thumbs, push it down until it is seated. Once it it seated, you may remove the alignment clip.

15. Reinstall the shaft cover. Reinstall the snapring.

16. Reinstall the upper steering column. Bolt it up.

17. Reinstall the clockspring/turn signal assembly. Make sure it is lined up to your notches that you made earlier.

18. Install steering wheel. Reinstall airbag.

19. Install kickplate/plastic pieces removed earlier. Reconnect batteyr

20. Test Drive.

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Ok so I have a question I have a 2008 ford escape xlt V6 and my car cranks up just fine with no problem but my steering wheel hair doesn't turn at all I can go forward but I can't go left or right any ideas on what that might be
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Dorman makes a sensor
INot an easy job

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Damn they will not do anything about it. Did they know that you tried to attempt to fix it. my wife quit driving her escape and started driving my truck when we started first experiencing the steering issue. the escape sat for a while then I decided to let my old faithful commuter car (1989 ford escort) rest and drive the escape for a while. the steering would come and go. then not working for 2 weeks and my lower back started killing me. Then for a month strait it steered fine then the recall came out and I took it to our local ford dealer. and they acted like it would take 10 mins to fix which it took 10 mins to update the steering software. I am not entirely convinced it is fixed but it has steered fine with no issues for about 2 months and we commute about 100 miles a day round trip. I am sorry this is happening to you. I'm pretty sure this doesn't help anyone out but I just wanted to let you know they didn't take anything apart to "fix" our issue. I am pretty sure the recall that was mailed to us said different escapes or different issues will call for different. Before I herd about the recall I was a half of a second away from ordering a new steering sensor.
Unfortunately for you, you just let Ford off the hook forever with your repair.
Once Ford "flashes" the computer it's then considered the "repair " end of recall for that car. I know this for a fact because I now have a failed sensor with a C1963 code and a U0452, & b1676 (an ABS code because of the ground), due to the failed esp, they common ground the 2 systems so one reacts to the other. All of this is ignored because before I bought it used, the orginal owner who traded it in, had that HALF A.. repair done and now Ford has washed their very dirty hands of it. I'm waiting 3 weeks for a review board at Ford to accept or decline the repair, as told to me by a great service manager, who understands and actually sympathizes.
The flash was done at apx 95,000 miles, and 5 years old, funny that "Repair" lasted about the same time, now at 200,000 and 10 years it has completely stopped working and I had no prior knowledge of the problem, (past not disclosed until the failure of the steering) so BUYER BEWARE, they get to just drop a $700 problem in your lap.
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