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The work outlined below was performed on a 98 (I am not sure what differences you may run into with other years). While I tried to be as thorough as possible, I may have missed something while I was working. Please let me know if you see something that is incorrect or just does not make sense. Any missing pictures I will try to put up in the next couple days.

Tools needed:

8mm socket
5/8” socket
Phillips head screw driver

Remove the wiper arms (5/8 socket)

Remove the antenna mast

Remove 11 screws holding the upper cowl in place (7 near the windshield and 4 just under the hood). Note the four screws under the hood may just spin in place, just reach under the cowl and grab the anchor, the screw will come out then.

Disconnect what washer fluid line

Remove upper cowl from vehicle.

Remove the 8 bolts from the lower cowl (8 mm)



Disconnect wiper motor power

Remove lower cowl from vehicle

Reverse all steps to put everything back together.
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