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howdy to everyone

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i'm new and was hoping to get some input please.
i have a good amount of shade tree auto mechanics experience, from years ago. haven't messed w/ autos for quite awhile.

have got a 98 ford ranger, 116,200, v-6, 3.0, 2-wheel dr., king cab, a/c.

it put me on the side of the road today (just died and had to be towed) and in checking things before calling for the tow, i found that the--FUEL PUMP FUSE--was blown (in the power distr. box) and after putting in five different fuses ranging from 10 amp to 30 amp found that they all blew within aprrox. 1 to 30 seconds (most within 2-3 seconds). the 10 amp lasted longest, was the second to last in, and is odd because the original fuse was 20amp.

the info. i've gotten from the web so far is that it's possibly the fuel pump and/or the relay and also possibly the fuel pump wires that are corroded.

my questions are;

is it just the pump surging so as to blow the fuses?

should i get the full assembly or do i just need the pump?

can someone tell me which is the exact relay (in the powr. distr. bx.)for the fuel pump? maybe change that first?

any and all help and input would greatly appreciated. thank you very much.
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I would doubt the relay is bad.It just opens and closes the circuit.I'd disconnect the connector at the fuel pump and see if the fuse blows.and start from there.Good luck:smile5:
I would take a look at the area if the inertia safety switch for a short, as it is often exposed where it might get kicked. I don't know it's exact location in your truck, but you can find it in your owners manual.
If you don't have one, you can download one from this link.
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