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Howto Check an Ignition Coil Pack
an ignition coil for a six cylinder looks like this, and eight would have two sets of four.
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Note that there are six lugs in pairs.
Essentially there are three coils in the coil pack. Any one of them can go bad.
Your connector to the coil should have four pins in it, see the photo above.
One is the B+ pin, the other three are the (-) pin for each of the three coils in the coil pack.
You should disconnect the connector and test the ohms between the B+ pin and each of the other three pins. The ohms should be the same for each check and be between 0.3 and 1.0 ohms.
Then you should pull the plug wires from the coil in pairs... only do two at a time!
check the resistance between the big lugs of the coil
On a '98 3.8L they should be between 6.5K - 11.5 K ohms.

When you pull the plug wires off, place them so that you know which one goes back where.
IF your resistance readings are different, then you need to replace the coil pack.
Remember, your coil pack is like three separate coils in one. The readings of each should be reasonably similar to the others.
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big lugs = spark plug wire towers right?
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