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Howto: Freestar Trailer wiring.

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I know some of you have a Freestar/Monterey. A friend of mine has a Monterey, I spent an hour trying to figure out if there was relay after the harness. Turns out, I was over thinking it.
I made my own. using WPT386. And a Basic Trailer Connector. This Wiring pigtail Is available is a few places.
Sensor — EGR Valve Position, or Fuel Pump / Sending Unit
Found in -
  • Explorer/mountaineer 1996(exp only) 1997-2001,
  • Aviator 2003-2004

wpt-386 and 427 are IDENTICAL execpt for housing color.

The pins from this Connector are the large circular wedge-lock pins. They are the big pins found in the Door Jamb connector of a Taurus.

The intermidate trailer harness can be construsted simply by soldering the wires of the 2 pig tail connecotrs together. Since I had all colors available to me, I used the Spec Colors.
The Body side of the harness was available. On the Mercury Monterey Premier . It also had the towing relays installed. I am not sure if the aux trans cooler installed or not. But the trailer Hitch receiver was not already installed.

Note:! Bare in mind that some lower trim levels MAY NOT ALREADY have the pigtail available under the bumper. At that point, the only way you could make this work with out dropping $70 on the custom harness; would be to tap the turns, parking and Ground leads in the taillenses. Then use 3 individual relays, and tap the Lighter socket in the back.

Alot of the custom harnesses do just that. They tap the Bulb wiring, and use a relay. Only attempt this if pigtail connector is not found under bumper.

  • White = Ground
  • Green = Left signal (brake)
  • Yellow = Right Signal (brake)
  • Brown = Parking Lamps



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