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Hello every one. This is my first ford ever and I must say I'm very impressed . I have a 99 Ford Van . Not quite sure of the model number . But it has a triton motor in it And it had l the power I could ever need. Anyways when I bought it it has no dipstick . I need to get one but in the meantime I need to check my oil . Does anyone have a Ford with the big Triton in it that can give me some measurements of their dipstick I would greatly appreciate it

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Welcome to the FFO!

The 1999 E Series would have had one of three Triton engines.
Triton was a marketing name for the modular engine
Those engines could be had in displacements of 4.6l, 5.4l and 6.8l

I have a 2006 5.4l in a larger SUV. I would be happy to give you the length of that.
And know because vans have a body that covers the entire engine. So the dipstick tube may be relocated.

Post a picture of the tube end location

Or this may help
1999-2014 Ford E150 E250 Econoline Engine Oil Level Dipstick OEM 1C2Z-6750-AA | eBay

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