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Looking for some information on Model A---from people who drive them

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I am thinking of owning/driving a Model A. My interest goes back over 50 years when I helped a high school friend restore his 1930 deluxe rumble seat coup. That was in the early days of the hobby when not every piece was easily available. He needed the seat riser and floor for the rumble seat. No one was repopping them, so he found someone equipped to do the work, and we sent him a full size drawing based on the remnants in the coupe.
I have had a life-long interest in old cars, but now my wife actually expressed interest in a Model A. I just missed an real opportunity when I did not realize that the Model A restorer's Club was holding their nation meet less than 10 miles from my house--until it was over. Bummer.
I have a few specific questions---my wife if really limited physically. She has to use an extra step to climb into my '94 F 250 diesel which might have a 2" lift. So how difficult is access into the front of a Model A? How about access into the rear of a Fordor?
I know the crankshaft is a bit "whippy", and it is best to keep the revs down. IIFC, the safe top speed is in the 50-55 mph range. I would need to increase that just a bit--to the 60-65 mph range---I know fully counter-weighted and balanced cranks are available, as are modern insert bearing and full pressure lubrication with an oil filter, as well as reproduced copies of vintage speed equipment and even over-drive units.----What us required to obtain 65 mph reliably? What is the best way to achieve this?
Anyone in the Gettysburg area willing to let my wife check out access?
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I have been a member of MAFCA since the 1980s. I just have never owned one. Driven a few and been around a few as well.

Getting into one will be much easier than any pick up truck. The running board should be a good extra step. About the same as most modern cars with a bit more room inside. The door opening for a Fordor will be narrower than a Coupe. There should be events in your state. Hershey for one.

I have read stories of many owners driving long distances on the highway. Just not the freeway or interstate. It isn't an interstate vehicle.

Thanks for the reply. The information on getting in is helpful.
I attended my first Fall Hershey in 1965. Missed some years due to college and work etc. but haven't missed one since the late 1980's. It is one of my annual events. A couple of friends and I camp by the Derry American Legion. It used to be a short walk to the Blue Field, but now that area is amusement park. I go for Wednesday thru Saturday and know I will still not see it all.
This year I will focus on the Model A areas. I hope to meet some owners from the Gettysburg area. There are also some engine builders who specialize in the A four cylinder--I will be looking at their stuff, too.
All part of the process....thanks for your reply.
Nobody else on here has a Model A?
My boy has a 29’ Tudor, he is 18
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Very nice.

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