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Mode $06

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Mode $06 is an advanced diagnostic mode that displays the actual test results for all the noncontinuous monitors (things like the catalyst monitor, EVAP system monitor, heated O2 sensor monitor, EGR flow, secondary air monitor and thermostat monitor). On the newer vehicles with Controller Area Networks (CAN), Mode $06 is also used to monitor misfires.

Mode $06 shows the actual self-test data the OBD II system generates and uses to detect faults and set trouble codes. Think of it as the pending code information that may eventually set an actual trouble code and turn on the check engine light (malfunction indicator lamp or MIL).
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Good post. The Mode $06 is very helpful during diag. If you are using an aftermarket scan tool Fords do not have a misfire monitor you can watch. It will just tell you the engine is misfiring. The Mode $06 will lay that out for you and tell you which cylinder is the culprit.
Mode $06 is also great for verifying a repair.
Sorry but I still don`t understand . Is Mode $06 an advanced diagnostic mode performed by the OBD11 code reader or is this a different tool alltogether ?
You need to have a good scan tool to read it. Those cheap little hand held code readers won't give it to you. Mode $06 is like a pre scan that your cars PCM does on it's own as you drive. It sort of does the information gathering for the technician. With a good tool a technician can go in and literally read what your engine has been doing since the last PCM reset. It is a very good tool to use if you have a symptom but not a light. It can also be referred to if you have a light but not a clear indicator as to why it is on.
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