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need diagnosis help and cam sensor location

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2004 Ford Rager, 2.3 4-cyl, 2wd 135,000 miles

truck runs fine for about 15 minutes and dies regardless if driving or idling. will restart after a couple of minutes, during which time of cranking,it is still getting spark. the warmer the engine, the more frequently it occurs.

no error codes.

have replaced fuel filter, fuel pump relay, coil, and crank sensor.

would like some advice.

Also, does anyone know where the cam sensor is on this model?
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Cam sensor is mounted in the valve cover, on the driver's side rear.
thanks, old timer. i found it and now have the new one. it doesn't have instructions like the crank sensor did. do you need to put it at TDC, or just drop it in?
Just drop it in.....good to go. Hope it fixes your stalling problem.
thanks guys, the new cam sensor is in. Same problem, however.
The truck now seems to be fixed after cleaning the IAC valve.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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