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Need help from early fox mustang owners

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i'm in need of some nice photo's of the early (1982-?) fox mustang STOCK traction bars or might be called lift bars.. kinda look like a sideways 7 or a sideways ?mark.... thanks Jim
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for those who have no clue....


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I ain't gonna lie to ya Jim, I've been under a few early fox Mustangs in my time and can't recall ever seeing anything like that. Is the car in the pics a GT or an LX?
lol the car in the pics are my 79 Fairmont Futura!
like the ones on your 77 stang?
the ones on your mont are definitely aftermarket
No, the ones on my 77 stang are aftermarket.. these are stock from a fox... just dont remember which FOX
LOL hard to tell from that view
<sigh> you're just gonna MAKE ME do a video arent you!:prrr:
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