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Newly aquired 2014 Ford E350 4x4 van. Minimalist camper.
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So, on my van (2014 E 350 Super Duty Quigley 4x4, approx 4 ton), they installed Fox 2.0s shocks which, for my tastes and comfort, are waaayyy to harsh for the back roads I get into (I'm talking rough & washboard dirt roads and occasional 4x4 roads, but not "rock crawling"). I hope y'all have some suggestions for shocks that would be suitable for a heavy 4x4 such as this, i.e. give good support and control on highway, but a little softer on the rough roads. Thanks for your time.

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I do not have that kind of experience.
I have a friend that has a Jeep off road parts business.
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But this time of year it is too hot in AZ so he is either in Flagstaff or travelling.
He would be my go to for that kind of question

With that said there is always my friend Google. Which produced this
(Top 10) Best Off Road Shocks Review [Updated 2021] (

Before you click any of that know that the shock you seek has different valving or piston size than what you have. now. Knowing what a shock does and does not do may be relevant. Because the purpose of a shock is to restrict or slow down movement. (There is no support) And most of the movement is the compression of the shock sometimes called jounce. Not enough restriction and there are control issues. Too much resistance and there is ride quality issues. You are saying you have the later of the two issues.
Shock Basics | Articles | Grassroots Motorsports

Variations on shocks are air shocks that do support weight. (Not recommended)
And a variety of gas and liquids internally

Do you have more than one shock on a wheel position?

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