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Need your knowledge on a new Ford truck.

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Hi guys. I am NOT new to Ford by any means, but I have been driving the same 2002' F250 Super Crew for nearly 20 years and I think it's time for a new one. I love my truck, but I no longer need a 3/4 ton. I rarely tow anything anymore, but do need to haul my classic car on a steel trailer now and then, so must pull 7000 pounds on occasion. I do want all the bells and whistles, other than a moonroof, but also want good fuel mileage and great comfort. My fused back requires much comfort and fuel costs today have me running from my V10.. lol...

So what do you suggest I look at and what should I steer clear of??
I thank you in advance....
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There are a number of vehicles that could fit.
About 7 years ago I had a similar want. (I have a 7400 pound boat and trailer)
And I like the higher end vehicles.
I purchased a 2006 Lincoln Navigator 4X2 Limited edition.
When new it stickered at $80,000 +. Bought it for less than $11,000
Have put about $5000 into it which includes tires.
Comfortable ride. Handles the tow

Expedition is essentially the same vehicle.
I always look for the most optioned out ride. Part of the reason I do this, is because owners tend to treat and maintain more expensive vehicles better.
The owner of a $80K new vehicle may treat their ride differently than a $30K new vehicle.

Always look for the best maintained copy of a used vehicle. BTW it took me 6 months to find that ride. I think I test drove 15 or 20 copies. And looked at hundreds on the net. Had to fly to Florida from Arizona to get what I wanted. That's just me.

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