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New member, hope to help =)

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Name is James, 23, live in tempe,az

Just got a 1970 Ford F100 ranger, gorgeous truck for $750!!!!

Not my frist ford tho, i grew up around 150, and 250, and one 350. learned to parallel park a F250 lifter 8in 4 in out 5spd manual.... the tester guy could barely get in... told him to just jump its easy.... he gave me a odd look. haha but i passed! good ol pops teachin me how to really drive! haha thats my ford history =P

Hope i get some valuable info and maybe help a person or two!!:cornut:
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Hope i get some valuable info and maybe help a person or two!!:cornut:
Sounds like you'll fit right in.
Welcome to the forum!
thanks man!
Welcome to the Forum. We are here to help if we can, when we can.
Welcome to the site! We need more $750 trucks around here. Enjoy your new truck. Rich
It hurts to hear that people sometimes pick up a great truck like that for little more than the cost of a wii system.

Living in tempe, I hope it has AC!


thanks for the warm welcome! and yes it does have a/c, power brakes, and converted to discs!!! muahaha
Welcome to the forum! I am sure there will be plenty of threads for you to offer your help. :)
Got me beat, all I got was power steering, new frontend bushings and brake shoes. Score!
You got power steering? My 68 Ranger had a 360 and a 3 on the tree, drums on all four corners. Must be nice. Welcome to your new home away from home James, love that Generation of trucks!
Welcome to the forum!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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