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New Owner 2001 CVPI

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Just got a 2001 Crown Vic Interceptor a couple weeks ago. Already have new black paint. Alot of little things I will be doing soon. I'm in N/E Los Angeles.


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welcome. the first thing you should know is the only difference between yours and a standard CV is the comp, and alternator. everything else is the same according to the parts book at my dealership...
still a great car though!
Hey everybody! Say hello to the tater! Welcome to the forum, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome fellow nOOb
Looks good, what's on the to do list for it?
Nice Crown Vic! Welcome!
Welcome to the forum. Those are fun cars. I had A '97 and the first thing I did was pull the silencer and drop in a K&N. Seemed to free up the intake and sounded like a four barrel when I jumped on it. Rich
Hello, Welcome..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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