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Hi old new Ford owner and now a new old Ford owner.

I found a 1963 Fairlane for a song and was needing any input whatsoever on where to find good replacement parts for the interior. I’m not dealing with a ground up restoration project. I need seats redone and attached, rubber and seals, electrical work, and fix the very rear frame rails. All metal is original, straight and true, no body work, chrome is discolored but not rusty. Engine is an older 70’s 302 and we are thinking the C4 is as old.

My plan: I would like to put in a 347 or bore the existing 302 (block age and H/O dependent). Beef up the trans and maybe the rear end.
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Update the electrical/lights/radio. Maybe power brakes and steering, but definitely a disc brake swap on at least the front. Before I forget I’d like to attach a seat so I can drive it without slipping around inside the car.
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