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Newbie here...

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Hello people, I'm Mike, and am a fellow Ford friend. I like em' old myself...If it has power windows, I don't want it. My wife gives me more than I want to deal with. She has a taste for the Taurus's (junk), Tempo's (junk) and sits her butt in a 2008 Focus (junk) right now. My head hits the roof whenever I squeeze into that can. Passenger aint' no better- I envision my knees being pulverized as soon as someone pulls out in front of us..
Anyhoot- My vehicles come and go, Got a 79' Ranger short bed 4x4 I like, and just scored a 78' Fairmont Futura the other day. It is in great shape, and lead me to this forum via search engine. Hope to stick around poeple- Cheers!

P.S. My 4 yr. old boy has the best Ford out of the bunch, 2010 Ford F150 PowerWheel. It's very easy to work on.....
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Welcome aboard, I also have Ford trucks, but also have 2 SHO Taurus's and a Mustang.
Welcome to the forum, and those power wheels are getting cooler and cooler. Hell, the big auto company would be smart to produce a ton of those and get kids in those cars early, haha. Early brand loyalty! Brilliant!
Hello, Welcome..


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Welcome CoolHandMac, you like 'em older, well you know what they say the older the violin the sweeter the music, I think we will get along just right I like the 50's trucks and the 60's mustangs, anything without power anything, LOL

I hope to learn a lot from guys like you, thank you for joining the forum.
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