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Newby with '62 Falcon

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Hey guys (and girls), I'm from upstate NY and I've got two '62 Falcon four doors. One is a few years away from a 5.0 swap, and the other has a 200 straight six with quite a bit of work into it from a '67 Fairlane (or so I'm told) with an Offenhauser intake, magneto, three single barrel Holleys and a three speed on the floor. The car sat since '73 and I picked it up last year to add to my Falcon collection. I got her running last week and put the tranny back in yesterday. Seriously though, how do mice get into a tranny to clog it up like that? PACKED FULL!!! Anyways, brakes will be done after I drop my daughter off this weekend. Need to grab a new ballast resistor for it. Wondering about my headers though. They look like old clifford 6=8's but I'm not really sure. I want to get this thing done and the exhaust is going to be the only thing left by tuesday. Help maybe???? One of the headers runs directly through my inner fender and it actually looks pretty awesome. I'd like to keep that look but I don't know which headers to get. Clifford round body style for the car? Clifford square body because of the engine year?? Who knows? Good to join and I'll def start commenting when my supervisor isn't looking over my shoulder!:D
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