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no more Ranger 2012

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My wife said she heard the Ranger will be discontinued in 2012?
why and what will replace such a great reliable 4X4 rig?
Is Ford going to stick with the Full size rigs and only hybird cars? This is like the lose of the Bronco?:yikes:
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i hope not. the ranger is the only truck ford sells overseas... with the exception of the falcon Ute in Australia...
What will Napa, O'Reilly, Orkin, etc do?
I've heard the small pickup is being re-designed and it will be reincarnated as the F-100. I suspect the Ranger name will hang around as a model or trim level designator, similar to "Raptor."

I'm just regurgitating a rumor here, take it for what its worth.
if there just changing the name that ok ... eliminating the ranger ... no way ... if anyone wants to keep the ranger, send ford letter, this happened when the tried to end the mustang and quote the CEO at the time "i received 500,000 letters calling me everything but a white boy, from people who have never even owned a mustang!" since we have email ... it should be alot easier ... anyone wana leek his email?
thank GAWD. That platform has gone unchanged since the 2nd gen explorers.. It may be reliable, but it is was out of date.. Im kind of excited to see the new concepts they have.. Keep in mind.. About 90% of all the rangers running around now or in the past 5 years have all been fleet cars.. While they make good fleet cars, it doesnt bring in enough $.. thats the same reason why ford canceled the Taurus back in 04.. I believe the ranger name WILL be back.. But it will be a completely different, improved, sexier platform! Much, like the taurus.
They should in my opinion stick to the current 4X4 design, it's tough and dependable on the dirt..
:cornut:Look what I found on the Escape city board.....I have so many questions, but I won't be purchasing because the "E"


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Nice, I hope it's as durable and popular as the current Ranger. FORD is kicking A$$ again!!
Looks like a cross between an F150 and a Sport Trac. Personally I hope they don't screw up a good thing. My FX4 is so durable and rugged. It is the perfect and only compact size truck left. Looks like they are moving to a mid size truck like ever one else. I have no use for a Sport Trac and a mid size sucks too much gas.
I remember when the Ranger was an upper line F series. When they took that name and stuck it on a small truck I thought it was just wrong, shows what I know.

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