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No start problem

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Ok I have been having a no start problem with my 99 ford taurus. After the car has been warmed up and driven for awhile, and is then turned off and sits for maybe 10 mins give or take. I will try to start it and it will crank but will not start. When this happens it kinda of sounds like it is starving itself of gas. But after it cools down a little (like 30 mins) it will start back up.
When I have scanned the car for DTC's I get p0401, which is for the EGR system. I have already replaced the valve and soleonoid, I know that I still need to replace the pressure feed back valve, but I dont think that is my main problem.
I don't want to condemn the fuel pump yet, due to money and time but I am kinda of out of ideas. oh yeah also when the car is running it feels like i have a small misfire, even though there is no codes for it.
If anyone has any good ideas for me to start diag with or any common problems with this vech I would greatly appreciate it.

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My guess is that its a bad coil. That as it heats up, it builds resistance and won't generate a spark until it cools down.

When it won't start, try checking for spark. DO you know how?


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The coil on the taurus and windstar are essentially if not identically the same.
So if/when it wont start again I should pull a plug and test it on the block? that is about the only way I know how to check for spark.
I also read up on How to test the coil pack so I will also test it that way.
thanks again for the tips.
I like using a spare spark plug and holding it to a ground such as the engine block, instead of pulling a plug, this way you can't inadvertantly drop some crap into the cylinder while cranking it with a plug out.
Tease are easy, cheap and safe to use.

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I've never seen those before. they're cool, but do they come in autolite?
Alright so i just go done testing the coil, these are my results.

At the connector i got 1.4 1.3 and 1.2
At the lugs I got (1 and 5) 14.3k (6 and2) 14.55k and (4 and 3) 14.75

All are higher then what I read on the above link. So are they high enough to think that the coil is going bad when it heats up?

Thanks for your time.
I got those numbers from Haynes
They should be between 6.5K - 11.5 K ohms.

Your's are high. I am a little surprised that they are so close to each other, so I don't know. You might try checking for spark both when it is cold and hot.
You might try cooling it off when it is hot and see if you get spark again.
I dont know of the brands, it really doesnt matter cause they are just for testing spark.

I've never seen those before. they're cool, but do they come in autolite?
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