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Noob Question

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This may sound dumb, but I am a complete noob at this ( I put together and old Dart with my Dad as a teen but thats it). How can I tell if its a base or a Futura the guy I bought it from barely spoke English (he was from Africa, nice guy, but minimal english) and he had no documentation.
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I was able to start a picture album on site, now if I can just figure out how to share it with you all.:mad2:
If you have an album started with pictures, then just click on the picture you want to post right here on this post. At the bottom is a "URL", cut and then paste it when your thread asks you to place a "URL". Thats it. Its even easier if you open a second with the thread you are writing and one that is open to you album off your Profile page.
Hope that clears it up for ya.
Welcome to the site !! We are happy to help in any way.
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