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2014 ford fusion has battery drain. The car has to be jumped to start. While running the battery is testing at 14.5v. Once turned off, I can hold the multimeter to the battery and watch the battery draining down until the battery is dead.
Battery has been replaced. Ground wire for the battery seems to be intact. Tested that the alternator is charging the battery to 14.5v while engine is running; that's good. Tested the diodes in alternator to make sure they are not allowing current both ways; that's good. Tested the rectifier in the alternator to make sure it is not transmitting more than .5 ac volts; that's good. Went through and pulled different fuses to the interior lights, heated seats, radio, etc. and the battery still drains within a few minutes of shutting off the car. What else can I look for? I am learning as I go here.

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Welcome to the FFO!

Based on your data the charging system is working well.
Your thought process and diagnosing is good too.

However the drain you seek to correct should be measured in amps (flow) not volts.
With newer cars and electronics there will always be some drain. 50 milliamps or less is the target.
With everything off, doors closed and then wait for 15 minutes for systems to shut down. (Typically systems will shut down in 5 minutes after the key is turned off and all doors are closed.) If there is an under hood light that has to be turned off.

Take you measurement at the battery using an ammeter and should be on a higher scale. 10 amp should be good.
Then remove and reinstall EVERY fuse and relay. I like to reinstall the fuse/relay if there is no difference. That way I do not forget which slot it came from.
Here is a good artical to walk you through

How to Find and Fix a Parasitic Battery Drain - Shop Tool Reviews

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