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Sale by a private owner

Price reduction!! From $15,950 to $9,950

Up for sale is a rare Ford F250 XL with the legendary Big Block 7.5L engine 460 ci - the engine that is being put also in Mustangs, race cars and dragsters. Original 77,000 miles on it!! This is a collector piece! The very sought after truck with the favorite and hardest to find off-white color gets compliments everywhere it goes, even from the insurance agent. With only 77,000 miles on it, this truck still has a life time left in it.

This truck has so much power – it can pull your house off of the foundation! Camper cabover, pulling a camper trailer, a boat or just your construction trailer full of rocks – this truck will not let you down.

It has the extended cabin (fitting 6 people) and the long 8 ft bed!!
The engine runs like a Swiss clock and the roaring sound is amazing. It sounds like a bear - So masculine. The Big Block 460 (7.5L) engine has much less upkeep and maintenance costs than its 7.3L diesel counterpart.

Doors, undercarriage, bed show no signs of rust which is amazing for a truck this age.

The truck has minor imperfections and a small dent on the passenger side which does not affect any of the functional performance. All small things but the bones of truck are great. Things that pop up over the years are super easy to maintain and with a ton of YouTube videos about this model, it is super easy to work on it even for a novice.

The best thing about this truck is HOW MUCH MONEY IT WILL SAVE YOU over the years! Parts are super cheap - $25, $50, $100 most I have paid for a part so far. Due to its cheap parts cost and cheap insurance , this truck will save you thousands EVERY year only on insurance and maintenance. As a collector piece, I was able to insure it for a PURE $180 per year (per year, not per month!)

The truck runs straight with no rattles and the power steering is so smooth it is literally lighter to steer than a passenger car.

Recently passed smog with very good values. Several new upgrades including: brand new catalytic converter replacement after old one was stolen (worth $1000), new alternator, new radiator, new starter, new plugs, and oil change – this truck is ready to go!

The truck is priced to sell and it will not last! Compare with other similar trucks offered on CL for $15,500 to $25,800 (example comparable ads can be provided on demand)

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