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quickest and safest way to cool an engine down

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i'm just wondering what the quickest and safest way to cool an engine down is...
my thermostat is rated at 185F, but my temp gauge says closer to 210 when i'm on the highway for a while. i do have to put in a larger radiator, and change the oil for heavier stuff (still the winter weight) so from 10W30 to the usual summer 20W50.
so more or less i was thinking like when i'm in the middle of nowhere and want it to cool faster. like hosing it off, or ice, or what?

it's a fairmont with a 302, all cast iron parts except the headders (steel)
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I have seen the same problem on a Cadillac, the upper radiator hose would collapse after a couple of minutes at high RPM (2500). The hose would start to close slowly and then totally collapse. A new hose solved the problem.:thumbsup:
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