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Remote start inop

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So, it used to work fine, but the other day, I hit the button, heard the 1 beep, doors locked, then beeped 6 times....and no startup.

Does it think a door is ajar or something?
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The remote start owners manual should have a troubleshooting section.The six beeps would be listed with a probable cause and correction.
Returning remote start to normal mode (from valet)

Downloaded the owners manual from Ford owners site, but it seems there is a supplement for the remote start option.

Found this on a Fusion forum:

6 beeps indicates valet mode. To return the system back to normal mode, turn the ignition key to On or Run position, press and hold the brake pedal and press the remote starter button on the PowerCode remote (starter) control transmitter 3 times again. The horn will honk one time to indicate that the remote start system is out of "Service/Valet" mode. The ignition key may now be turned off
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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